"motivation videos are better than any preworkout"

Every morning I do fasted cardio.  I love this practice for so many reasons. I motivate myself for half the session with music and the other half the time motivating or educating myself.  This video spoke to me because Dwayne "The Rock" is talking about how this same lifestyle has made him the man he is today. 

"gym playlist makes every workout feel like a party"

"Music is everything in a workout!'

My favorite gym songs for you to bump in the car or the gym.  I use the beat to help make every movement fluid.  It really helps to get in the zone.

"my gym workouts enhances the production of each job"

Stay motivated

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Get to know Me

My life has evolved into a Signature Style


I was raised to be healthy. I practice it daily now and constantly improve. My success has been almost 40 years of one lifestyle. Change does not happen over night, but it can happen in days  When these days turn into nights and  full cycles into weeks, we gradually create the lifestyle you always wanted were you feel full and energized.  Its about making a gradual change into the person you would like to become and then working hard to stay that way.

As a young lady fitness provided a positive way for me to socialize.  I developed self confidence  because I had a body I was comfortable in and a mindset for hard work.  I participated in track and gymnastics for four years and off season trained at the Young Mens Christian Association.  

My passion for being active and naturally gregarious personality landed me a job at the young age of 15 working in the youth fitness club at the  "YMCA" I was a member at. The experience provided me with the resume I needed to work at the popularly  franchised Lucille Roberts women's gym in Philadelphia, Pa.   After graduating from Temple University with a degree in Broadcasting and Mass Media I wanted to explore the country and entertain the different interest I had. I relocated to Los Angeles, CA to try and break my way into the entertaimoment industry.  I wanted to develop my passion for healthy eating and staying fit into a concrete plan that could be an instrument to encourage others to make a change.  I began to build on the career I had in fitness and started training my body for a fitness photo shoot and designed my first website TrainwithLaine.com  The experience I had from college has been so helpful in the creative aspect of developing my #TrainwithLaine branding. The healing process of returning to my old self and blossoming into an even better woman in my dream city was the catalyst I needed to become the powerful woman I consider myself today. The journey was a therapeutic process that developed a resilience in me that can be recreated until you are pushed to the limits.  


I was licensed thru the Institute of Sports Science Association in 2010 and maintain my license with the National Association of Sports Medicine which has the reputation for educating the top trainers in the world.  In 2014,I applied to the luxurious health club Equinox and was  hired on the spot.  It was there that I was able to develop my business skills and train using the latest technology and best equipment in the market.  I excelled in their special educational classes in an elite program exclusive to Equinox trainers.  To keep it fun for me, I am also a fitness model and amateur body builder.  Currently, I am competing again on April 6, 2019 for the World Beauty Fitness and Fashion show at the Long Beach Theater.  I will be hosting fitness events Summer 2019 that will help you become engaged in self improvement and health.  

I want you to know that anything is possible. Taking the stage as a WBFF Fitness Diva has been a dream. It is an event that I consider life changing.  It proves that you can always reinvent yourself and.  Being a Mom and able to love everyday is the greatest gift of all.  I am living my dream life and I firmly believe that I have been able to create it living a life centered on being healthy.

Educate yourself on what you want to become


"I feel we all have the ability to try hard and seek information on how to live a healthier life. " 

Licensed by National Academy of Sports Medicine "NASM" my resume highlights include training at the luxurious health club Equinox and working with high profile clientele privately thru out the city of Los Angeles and Hollywood.  When I am not training others, I am obsessed with my amateur career as a fitness model and bodybuilder.  The first show I ever competed in was for the National Physique Committee as a Bikini Athlete.  My success came when I entered the Muscle Beach Championship in the Summer of  2014 and won first place in the bikini class.  

 After taking time off to heal from two major surgeries, I am bringing my talent to the stage and competing in the largest fitness and fashion show in the world for the World Beauty Fitness and Fashion league in a division called WBFF Diva.  Competing for me is the platform where I am able to showcase how a disciplined diet and training routine can transform a person.  At thirty seven years old and the mother of two boys, I am in the best shape of my life. Most important I am happy with myself.  

 Getting older to me is an opportunity to develop a body and life that mirrors my best self.  I have learned what works for me and how to own the responsibility of living my best life.  My spirit is filled abundant energy, self confidence and strength.  My website is a look into my personal practices and a bridge to help other interested men and women  develop their passion for being fit.  

Polishing your life begins with feeling good


My lifestyle has been  has been polished over the course of several years.  These are the rules that I have adopted. They come naturally to me now and its how I prefer for my food to taste.  In the past, there has been off seasons that lasted a little to long without establishing any guidelines towards the process returning to a regular life. I simply did not establish a normal eating life, and only recently have been studying a process called reverse dieting. I remember thinking one time that I should have just had a baby again after realizing I spent ten months putting on forty pounds just by eating at my favorite restaurants and avoiding any cooking or cleaning in the kitchen. 

After months of reckless eating,  I always end up tired, bloated and fat. I end up embarrassed to train or photograph  because of my reputation for always being in top shape is something I pride myself on.  There is always point where I cannot tolerate the unhappiness that comes from not being in season conditioning and end up on a harder diet than the diet I was on before and I am always less motivated. Like everyone else, I  put myself on my program and make the transformation, cleaning my diet up each week until its pristine. 

This cycle is how I created my program.  The guidelines are based on my experience of what works best for me to loose weight and build muscle.  It relates with people who are looking for a healthy way of eating and struggle with healthy eating relatable. We identify your weakness by analyzing you weekly food log and I base the diet on the foods you eat while substituting and cleaning it up. The body usually should spend the initial weeks detoxing and in the restorative phase of my fitness plan with me before having your own individualized program. My website is the exclusive place I introduce you to my rules and methods that work for me.  They are not guaranteed to work for you and I recommend seeing your doctor before beginning any program. For a more  developed program that offers accountability services, my one on one advanced level is recommended.  I am available personally and we start to  track your progress with weigh-ins, photos and measurements.  

Quest bar, supplements, beach. vacation, treat

personal should be personal

"I enjoy food like everyone, but I have my guidelines. I only use food as fuel and to have fun."

My website is the exclusive place I introduce you to my rules and methods that work for me.  They are not guaranteed to work for you and I recommend seeing your doctor before beginning any program. For a more  developed program that offers accountability services, my one on one advanced level is recommended.  I am available personally and we start to  track your progress with weigh-ins, photos and measurements.  


Discover Your Unique Fit Plans


Initiate the Change

A mastered workout plan contains the details on what exercises you have to do in order to perform the activities your body wants to perform well at.   The best plans will also incorporate the types of movements you have to mimic in order to create the muscle you want to develop the most.  Your future body should reflects hard work. It should move with ease because of the stimulation you provide it with daily. Initiating the change and adding more physical fitness in your life should not be a responsibility left for one self. Motivation, accountability and team support are just a few of the benefits that come along with group fitness. When I was beginning my second transformation, to stay motivated I joined Class Pass and began to participate in group fitness classes all over the city. I was able to begin a routine with professional supervision. I was being held accountable because I was scheduling and booking classes from my phone and importing them immediately into my calendar. I  encourage you to start moving and surround yourself with healthy individuals. I am including a link for a free month of class pass. I recommend trying it out and seeing what your body responds best too. When your ready to transform and begin a diet program,  I will make you an individualized plan based on the routines that you enjoy most.


Identifying Food Habits

The food you put in your body is going to give you the body you have. The detail on how you live today influence the quality of your life in 20 years. Just like creating your favorite dish, the food  you put into the recipe determines its quality, our bodies are designed thru our diet.  What I do is make a meal plan for the week based on my goals, but I also log daily what really happens.  I make superb choices 80 percent of the time. This daily approach offers me more flexibility because I can track my macro nutrients over the course of a week. If I mess up one day, I can make up for it. But by logging my meals I can see what isn't working and hindering the success of the meal plan. Download an app on your smart phone that keeps you accountable for food choices. Its important to understand serving sizes and have an awareness of what your consuming.  After honestly answering the questions, the app will create guidelines for you to follow.  Measure your serving sizes or purchase prepackaged meals for accuracy.  Log everything before you eat it. As days accumulate you will be able to recognize eating habits and begin to implement an eating strategy that feels natural and provides you with structure.  At the end of the week email me your results and I will personally help you clean it up and suggest a plan based on the foods you enjoy.  


Make it a LifeStyle

Maintaining your health is an ongoing practice.  Have you heard the saying "Fitness is a journey, not a destination."  One does not simply arrive to the fit goal and stay there without keeping up the lifestyle that initiated the change.  Remaining fit,  is about constant improvement. Everyday you will have to honor this lifestyle.  I place such a huge importance in making sure you have a meal plan you love and a workout that challenges you daily.  Unfortunately, without the right guidance most people will begin a program just to slowly return to their old ways of eating and drinking.  Keeping your gym schedule and coming up with a workout that continually provides result, can become a daunting task if you lack the expertise to plan ahead for the year.  In order to maintain a desirable physique your diet and workouts will constantly have to change.  When you constantly introduce new activities and switch your  meals around, you will be able to make constant improvements and growth.  As your Healh Coach, I create a plan for you so that you can enjoy being fit without the stress of creating the steps to get there.  I do the hard work so you can just follow the plan and enjoy the success. My expertise comes in not changing your life to be like mine or someone else, but to bring out the best in your life by bringing out the best in you.

my steps to safely progressing athletic abilities


Getting everything aligned is the focus in our first phase.  In order to avoid injury correct form and flexibility is the foundation of every exercise program. Developing an awareness of muscle to brain connection and knowing how to pair your breath with resistance exercise accelerates results. By fully understanding which muscles to use for each particular movement we get the most from each workout. We begin targeting individual muscles within the larger muscle groups for performance and aesthetic symmetry.


In the second phase of the #TrainwithLaine program we take our training up a notch and push our bodies to the max.  I recommend cycling these kind of sessions with  with low intensity cardio that you do on your own time. You will not transform if you spend an hour with a trainer a few times a week and then sit down the remainder of the week. By adding more workouts into your week and elevating the intensity in each session we avoid plateaus and transform your shape. 


The final phase of your transformation is rediscovering yourself and styling a fit life. The focus is on creating a sustainable lifestyle that protects your hard earned results. Keeping it fun and getting out of your comfort zone is important to stay entertained with a program. I incorporate old school  bodybuilding techniques and modern functional training into your workouts.  Muscle burns more than fat and we want to maintain our new metabolic rates. Continuing to build muscle and loose fat is our priority.  

Eat Clean and Intuitively


lemon  and water 

peppermint tea



fish or eggs


rice cakes 

sprouted breads

oatmeal or  wheat cereal


herbal tea






salad  vegetables

whole wheat pasta

black coffee



lean ground beaf




steamed vegetables




cottage cheese





green tea  and a teaspoon of honey


trail Mix

my kind of smoothies


low sodium lunch meat


rice cakes


The Rules

No processed foods and learn sugary drinks

No Alcohol No Beer No wine No Soda No Fruit Juices or sugary Sports drinks No Cream in Hot Drinks

Avoid anything that comes already Sweet, Creamy or Salty 

No Candy No Chip No Pizza No Cookies No Cakes No Pastries No Rolls No Dry Cereal 

Basically avoid processed and refined sugar and carbohydrates.

Notice if you have a sensitivity to gluten or dairy.  If you are not sure, we will find out. The more you log and the more progress photos that you capture the better. Plus I think it makes the process a lot more fun.

Have windows of eating. I practice intermittent fasting a few days a week.

No eating late at night, especially in the middle of the night

Have breakfast only if your hungry

Enjoy one refeed meal a week for enjoyment.

When ordering out learn these key phrases

There is an art to ordering out.  When you order from a restaurant it is an opportunity for you to have things perfect. Do not be shy and just be real nice when making it a request.   I like to use things like this..

“Dressing On the Side” “No Cheese” “Steamed not Fried” “No Croutons” “No Bread” “On mixed greens instead of Rice/ Tostada/ FlatBread” “2 egg whites 1 whole egg” “No home fries, cottage cheese and tomato or fruit Salad instead” “sauce on side” “served Dry” “No Mayo” “Please only bring out half and portion the rest to go!” “No sushi Trains” No pizza” “No all you can eat” “Baked not Fried” “Trim fat” “Remove skin” “Water and Lemon” “No dessert Menu”..... There is a way to have everything done and restaurants will cater to any dietary need, and if they don't I wouldnt want to eat there.

Sleep is just as important as exercise in your program

Lifestyle changes are more than just changing your diet.  Your schedule has to change to compliment your diet program and workout schedule.

Go to bed early.  I say this for a few reasons.  Late night munchies happen when your dinner metabolizes and you’ve been up so late your hungry again so you eat. You'll sleep better the closer you fall asleep to dinner. The better you sleep the better you workout..  Rest so your body is ready to perform at its best.  When your not rested properly your body is getting fake energy from bad food choices. It can not identify that it needs rest and will keep telling your brain you need food. It will crave sweet things thinking it will give you energy.  Remember alcohol is nothing but extremes amount of liquid sugar. This is the main reason why I do not like drinking because it interferes with judgment making and sleep cycle.  

Shop Wisely in Grocery Stores

Everyone can control what they eat simply by controlling what they buy. Fit Like Laine is about buying fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, and grains and preparing whole foods that satisfy you mentally and physically optimize you.  We are sticking to natural foods that digest well.  By cooking your meals as part of a meal plan (whether it is by the week or the day) allows you time to connect with your food.  Cooking is a huge part of the fit lifestyle because it falls in the category of adding movement to your life. Think about the lifestyle of a person who takes the time to prepare whole wheat linguini in a fresh tomato basil sauce vs the person who orders in a pizza from the couch.  Both meals cost $12 and have the same ingredients but you can see the difference in the lifestyle of each person.  Most importantly, the person who prepares their own meal can control the ingredients and portions of the meals. 

Portion everything Out and Read Labels

You must weigh and measure your food before you eat it using one of my recommended smartphone applications.  If you spontaneously eat use, practice portion control and account for the calories. Holding yourself accountable and maintaining an accurate and honest log during the transformation process is crucial. A food diary is a healthy way for you to create an awareness of your eating habits. 

Begin every day  with exercise and plan your meals for the rest of the day.  If you have to shop, or eat out, have a plan and stick with it.  The process of transforming, as spiritually enlightening as it can be, it is just science and numbers. The plan has to be accurate to get results.

When I cook or order out, I immediately will save half or throw it out. I only cook what I plan to eat, so I never have temptations to eat more.  Look for low calorie options and high density foods. This is such a huge process of the substitution process in my lifestyle. 

Avoid Food Porn

Food commercials and social media pages glorifying food are everywhere. Avoid tempting yourself and dont talk about the food you can't eat and  stop thinking about it obsessively. When you begin to crave something from your past, remember the unhealthy effect it has had on your health. cravings do lesson as your body adapts to its new sources of food. Battling cravings can become a powerful meditation that builds your will power.  It is a  part of reprogramming the mind and taking control of impulses.  These mental exercise carries over in all areas of your life and strength character.  Talk about your goals and encourage better decision making when dining out. Food is huge in our culture for socializing.  What Hobbies are there that center around food in your life? Start to replace them with fit ones. Are there social situation that  encourage over eating or drinking? By adding more activity in your life there is less time to think about food and more opportunity to burn calories.

The Method

Fruits Vegetables Liquids

Fruit can be the first meal and I snack on vegetables to get my metabolism going.  I do not drink protein shakes but I will make smoothies with pasteurized egg whites. I love coffee, tea and water. I drink beverages all day. Warm beverages trick your body into feeling like it ate. Drink water all day, do not wait till its too late.

Proteins Fibers

Then I like to fill up on vegetables and usually pair it with a protein. I always add a leafy vegetables to every meal. My smoothies alway have a vegetable in it. Proteins can be anything from tofu, eggs, cheeses, even chia seeds and quinoa have large amounts of proteins.  I  fill up on protein for recovery. 

Carbohydrates Starches

The last thing I eat are my carbs.  If my eggs don't satisfy me only then would I eat oatmeal at breakfast. Same with Dinner, I eat my chicken first and vegetables, only if I am not satisfied will I move on to eat a potato or rice. Sugars are rarely consumed. I like carbs at night because I sleep amazing and have great morning workouts.

My Personal Recipes

 I enjoy bringing home menus from my favorite restaurants and recreating them to be enjoyed everyday. Cooking my own meals when I am hungry is also a way that I stay busy and sit in hunger just a little bit longer. When you view being hungry as something positive instead of negative you won't rush into having something unhealthy just to satisfy your appetite. When I am cooking It is a therapeutic process of me and an opportunity to share my healthy lifestyle with other people.  

My first fitness photo shoot with Muscle and Fitness

This video was my first fitness photo shoot ever after having my first son. I was so excited to be able to shoot again. It was so empowering to have a goal and be able to achieve it.  It took me two years to return to my pre-pregnancy weight.  Once I learned how to stay fit, I have been able to maintain my physique even after the birth of my second son.  

Summer 2019 meet and great

Come train with me at any of my complimentary meet and greet fit events in Los Angeles, Ca. Private sessions along with online nutritional management is available. 



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LA PRO AM ShowCase

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Thank you! I hope you found this inspirational!

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